Tuesday, July 1, 2014

River Rats

As I write this, my nasty sunburn hasn't yet turned into a beautiful tan.. even if it's only on the front of my body, but I'm totally willing to look past all of that because this Sunday was one of the funnest days to date on Blackwater River!

My very good friends Kim and James have a beautiful house on the River and invited us over for what I thought was going to just being a ride around but it turned into so much more of an adventure, as usual. I should have known!
It was such a beautiful day so we packed up some goodies and met more friends as one of the little beach areas, their English Bulldog even came along too! 

James and his EMT buddy, JR, popped open a huge can of peanuts and grilled them along with some delicious chicken, burgers, fresh veggies, and hot dogs. Gourmet stuff folks! I loved their little grill.. it was perfect for the Pontoon boat and apparently they use it every weekend. I recommend everyone getting one!

We all plopped our chairs in the water and chillaxed for hours just enjoying the beautiful day and scenery. I'm telling you, I was born to be a "River Rat". I could do this every weekend but honestly, it was a chore getting Rob out of bed before 3pm on a Sunday.

After about 5.5 hours on the River, we got back to Kim's house and decided that we would take the 4-wheeler out on the trails for a bit and visit her horses too. Originally we had planned to ride but things changed and we will do that another day-- I can't wait!!
The trails were a lot of fun but a bit challenging being that they were still a little washed out from major flooding a month or so ago.  I'm excited to go out again when things look more solid and I can really get my ride on!

I didn't get many photos of the horses because I was too busy playing with them. I used to be a barn manager and ride every.single.day and BOY do I ever miss that. Horses are such beautiful creatures and these babies were precious!

Our next boat trip is already planned.. July 12th we are packing up the boats and heading out to Pensacola Beach to see the Blue Angels fly. I'm beyond stoked. We will be making a full day of it and starting early with a group of us and a couple boats. 
EPICness in our future!


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