Thursday, July 3, 2014

Planet Apeshit is calling..

Vodka and Soda

Listen, this isn't the first time I will talk about my pet peeves on this little interwebz space of mine.. nor will it be the last (sorrynotsorry). I've got a plethora of peeves that drive me up the wall and I will be the first to admit that I need to get a handle on many of them-- BUT, I will also tell you that I am only human and that sometimes, there's a drivng force behind someone's "sheer insanity". Just to let you in on a little personal peeve, I've had this post drafted for over a month (plus) and I've just let it sit. It's 1:40AM on July 2nd and I'll be damned if I let another Wednesday pass without publishing this bad boy. Hashtag Squashthatpeeve.

All that nonsense aside, I'm super stoked to throw myself back on the bandwagon and link up with the lovely Kathy @ Vodka and Soda and make some long overdue confessions today~ HUMP DAY! Join the fun.. you know you want to and you know you need to! 

Pet Peeve Confess Sesh...

I’m watching a TV show that I’m very interested in.. it happens to be one of my favorites (and this is known).  It’s a pivotal point.  And you ask me a stupid question—like.. “why is this pen broken and put in the basket?” (the place where we keep pens and other crap on the counter) Is this necessary? Do you want me to suffer a brain aneurysm from holding in my anger and not unleashing the fury verbally on you?

You ask me a question and I tell you “I don’t know” yet you continue to ask me about the same subject, after I’ve told you I have no idea and you get upset that I don’t know anything and carry on. Is this drive Jamie bat-shit crazy day? Better yet, send Jamie straight to Planet Apeshit for a cocktail or cause her to throw herself out a 2nd story window day? I’ll do it, I swear.. I know that I’ll only make a fool of myself and end up getting evicted and having to pay for a new window and an insurance copay—but still. I will do it. HashtagDon'tMakeMeTellYouIToldYouSo

Being sick for a couple of days and going to the ER.. letting your work peeps know that you are feeling better and getting a text at 11:36pm, after you are asleep, saying that you can take off the following day to get better. Knowing that these folks are aware that you need the works-- getting up the next day and trying to get in touch with someone from the office from 7:30-8:30am by text and phone call and getting no answer, only to drive ALL the way across town and find out that someone is already in the office that is NOT capable of doing your job and having to turn around.
Seriously? If I tell you I'm better and don't respond to late night text.. don't count me out. I need money just as bad as the next person and I went to the ER last night so I could assure myself better the next day to perform in the office. Now, I'll sit at home and work.. because Clients will call me, off the clock and get no pay.
(I've been sick since Monday with a horrid headache, not able to eat or drink. Diagnosis was dehydration and severe migraine-- I've had chronic migraines for years)

Five to six days a week, I take Rob to work. All I really have to do is roll out of bed, put on boxers or PJ pants, pee, and be gone. It's not that big of a deal because I'm used to the fact that his coworker is a bitch and could totally come and get him but is a lazy fatass, among other things. Along with the fact that usually I'm getting up HOURS before I have/need to get up for my job.. for which I never complain or really get any gratitude. That's besides the point. My point, however, is that each and every morning when I have to get up for this fucking chore duty, Rob lets his alarm on his phone go off at least six times in my ear, makes his crazy bodily noises, and whines like a 10 year old. I've mentioned it before and I don't know how much more I can take of it but apparently things are not going to change-- what's a girl gonna do?

Speaking of stupid noises.. why in the hell would anyone enjoy/like/leave on their stupid keypad or keystroke cell noises? That has got to be one of the most annoying things ever. Number one, you aren't cool if you can type with one finger fast and you want people to hear it. Number two, just in general.. no one cares. Number three, STFU before someone kills you. Back to Rob in bed with his alarm going off in my ear-- yeah, he likes to text his coworker too.. it's amazing he's still alive.

So.. omg, I'm really not a Bitch, promise! This is totally all I'm gonna share with you. And I'm totally late on doing so. What I will tell you is that I rescued a Pit Bull Puppy and she's so totally awesome besides having worms (I refuse to tell Rob and will get it treated tomorrow). We can't keep her so I have to find her a home but she's damned cute.
I'm calling her Indy for Independence. OMG I want her!!!

Oh and today is mine and Rob's 2 year anniversary.. that's a whole 'nother story.


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