Monday, July 7, 2014

Firework overload & Puppy Love

I hope you all enjoyed your Independence Day! Ours was decent up until a certain point.. #bitchesbecray-- that's all I'll say. I digress. Has anyone ever wondered what $1,000 of fireworks looks like? Well, you're looking at it!  For real. Not only did Rob and I celebrate our two year anniversary on July 4th but we joined his coworker and family for some celebratory shenanigans and they tore the house down in the firework department. 
Hopefully all of your digits are intact, ours are!

Before bitches went cray out our get together, we enjoyed an afternoon BBQ with horseshoes, yummy ribs and brisket, and just some good ol' family time-- with someone else's family of course. Rob's family is in Anchorage and I still have no idea what mine did.  We used to have some awesome pool parties and BBQs but since my Mother cannot be out in the sun anymore (#melanomasucks), they just don't do much. I think that next year we will stick with the family or more carefully choose who we hang out with.
(long story short, Rob's coworker's sister accused someone of stealing her stuff that she had inside and came running out of the house with a butcher knife and ended up frisking everyone and so on and so forth-- NOT the kind of get together that I'm used to)

As some of you may have seen in an earlier post, I rescued a Pit Bull puppy.. Indy. We had so much fun keeping her over the weekend and really fell in love. Had we been able to keep her where we live, she would still be here.. more than likely cuddled up on the couch with me. This dog was the coolest little gal ever! She slept in bed between us, just nestled up like a little baby. She was not a little whiny brat but just really cool.  We took her to the 4th of July party with us and she behaved herself so nicely.

Little blue eyes even got along with Levi. He was enamored with her. When we went anywhere, I would wrap her in a blanket or towel and she was just so content. 
Rob and I ended up finding her a great home with a guy that has another Pit Bull that is almost one year old-- this guy and his girlfriend are already so in love. We are friends on Facebook and I'm tickled pink so see all the cute posts and pictures they've added since Sunday. Even though getting rid of her has given me a pouty lip, I know that when the time is right.. we can get our own Pit Bull and everything will be perfect.

Hopefully everyone was able to spend time with those that they care about or at least have a little fun on such a fun and meaningful holiday. I can't wait to see/read about all of the good times that were had!!


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