Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Sleep with your eyes closed!

"Sleep with your eyes closed" sounds like the title of a scary book or a warning you get from the Concierge when you check into an old, Bourbon Street Hotel in New Orleans that is known for their history. But for me, it means so much more! 

See, there are some people that get twitching and other weird phenoms when they don't get enough sleep or over stress-- I'm one of said weirdos. Months ago, I would feel my chin randomly twitch in a certain spot and I would wig out (you can see it here!). Wildly, I was able to catch it on camera. My right eye would do the same from time to time and I was medically advised some of the causes and when I got my new glasses I was basically told to get a lot of rest, CHILL OUT, and also given prescription eye drops because some other minor problems I had could possibly be solved-- often I would feel like there was an eyelash in my eye which turned out to be a mild allergy, almost like dust in my lower lid.

This past Saturday was a normal day and around 8:30pm, I started feeling like something was in my eye. Thus began the downward spiral of rubbing my eyes, whining, literally putting the entire tip of my pinky finger in the upper and lower lids of my eye in hopes to get whatever small planet that had landed there OUT! By Sunday, I decided I was going to patch my eye as well as tape it shut.  Listen, I'm not insane-- I come from a medical family and I'm not stupid.  This helped.  When I got to my Parent's house for our Mother's Day Family BBQ, the "medical staff" said I did a good job and I spent my time resting in front of the TV with a cold beer and an ice pack on my patched, retarded eye.

Being that I not only felt like I was going insane, I value my eyesight so I went to the Eye Doctor and was told that I have Recurrent Corneal Erosion (RES- a disorder of the eyes characterized by the failure of the cornea's outermost layer of epithelial cells to attach to the underlying basement membrane. The condition is excruciatingly painful because the loss of these cells results in the exposure of sensitive corneal nerves.) and there's been a SCAB floating around in my eye! I'm only one of the most OCD-doesn't-think-scabs-are-cool kinda person here so this grossed me out. The Doc explained everything to me, flushed me out, and sent me along my merry way. Not cool guys!

This little "disorder"  is total pain in my ass and is not fun.  And the excruciating pain is for real. Apparently this can reoccur just by opening a dry eye after a night of sleep too!
I don't know why, in life, these weird, medical things happen to me. I swear, I don't need any more stories to tell.  So now I need to figure out how to keep this eye lubed up, not to touch it, and get it healed. Just another day in Paradise, folks.

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