Saturday, May 3, 2014

Our State of Emergency

When things get rough, we're Pensacola tough!

For the first time in a long time, Pensacola and and surrounding areas are in a State of Emergency and there hasn't been a Hurricane.  Historic flooding that reports say dropped two feet of water in just a 24 hour period made for the worst Florida flooding in a generation. And it's pretty much the craziest thing I've ever seen. Normally, we have days to prepare for bad weather.  We can go to Walmart and get our bottled water, canned food, and batteries but this time the rain just came out of nowhere and kicked our ass!

Thankfully, we live on the 2nd story of a condo Downtown so really all we suffered from was about 14 hours of no power and no hot water. My Parents live a hop, skip, and a jump away from a major and popular Pensacola Road-- Scenic Hwy. Thank God they had no damage, other than their pool over flowing.  Here is a video that shoes some of the damage to that road...


A lot of this damage happened along Scenic Hwy where The Bluffs are.  This area is pretty historic to Pensacola and it's so sad to see. I've grown up going to The Bluffs and I hope that everything can be recovered. Here are a few more photos that were taken from around my Parent's neighborhood and Downtown where we live..

This is a video (I grabbed it off youtube) that shows footage from our Downtown area. You can get the idea of what Rob and I were living in for a couple of day. One wild thing that we did see, once we first ventured out, was that a HUGE blue business trash "can/dumpster" floated into a gym and smashed out their entire front store window.  It was pretty wild to see.  Also, cars fully covered in water, etc.

East Hill is a pretty well known and old area in the city.  This is some footage of the poor neighborhood that is so very damaged.  It's super sad and scary not knowing the future and how long it will take to fix things properly and safely.

The day after the storm, we went to pick up my best friend and she literally had to wade through water to get to our car because her neighborhood was too flooded. Insane!

One good thing that I can say is that I work for awesome people and companies.  My Boss and his wife are offering help to local residents who have damage and no insurance.  We will help them get everything cleaned out and remove all mold and mildew, etc. So.. this has by far been one of the craziest things that I have ever witnessed and I don't care to go through this again!! 

If anyone would like to make any donations, etc.. I've got a couple people's info that I fan provide. There are families who have lost everything.  In fact, we have Clients that are getting married in three weeks and they lost everything and were only able to get out of their house with their cat and their birth certificates. Another couple lost everything and have a 12 month old and 5 year old.  It's crazy-- send prayers.



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