Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Sunday Funday: Fish Fry, Photo Booths, & Poker

Other than crap-for-weather, this past Sunday was pretty darn fun after having to threaten Rob for is life to get out of the bed! Andrea, my partner in crime at work, had just gotten back from a week long trip to Uchee Creek in Ft. Mitchell, AL and brought back a ton of fish she and her family had caught.. because I love fresh caught fish and I'm a pain in the ass, I begged her to invite us over for a fish fry and she graciously did just that.

On their trip, they had caught a ton of catfish, and I want to say Black Stripe.. but I'm not sure. We ended up having Catfish Filet and nuggets. Little did I know that Andrea's husband was going to make homemade hush puppies, french fries, and boil up some shrimp with potatoes and corn. It was a feast! 

Andrea had an Event the night before so because she still had a Photo Booth with her, she decided it would be fun to bring it in, set it up, and design a special graphic just for our little get together. I love a Photo Booth and could play in one for hours. I almost had to hold a gun to Rob's head in order to get him to have his picture taken. What is it with these men that are photogenic some days and others look like they are a deer in headlights that are about to be hit by a SECOND train?? 

Andrea has three precious little girls-- Hailey, Sierra, & Kayla (not pictured)

Me & Andrea

Originally, we had planned to go down to Blackwater River but the weather was horrible so instead, we decided to play some Texas Holdem. I hadn't played since about 2006 so I was a little rusty but once I warmed up, I kicked a little ass. It ended up with just being myself and Andrea's 18 year old stepson in the end-- I finally got bored (with a pile of chips) and handed my goodies off to Rob and let him finish the game off. 
I would love to have Sunday Fundays and look forward to pretty weather!!



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