Monday, March 24, 2014

Weekend Shenanigans

This weekend was GORGEOUS!! It was in the 70's, bright, and there was a great breeze. 
We had big plans to head to Pensacola Beach on Saturday but we had to make some minor adjustments after my neighbor showed me how wonderful traffic was..

Lucky for us, Perdido Key is only about 20 minutes away and the drive is pretty nice. We made it out to the beach around 1:30 and found a great spot that wasn't packed and near a bathroom. While the water isn't as beautiful as the other beach, it certainly didn't disappoint us one bit (we didn't get in-- it's not warm enough yet). 

Saturday night, thankfully not too burnt, we decided to rent a movie and hang out the house with Levi. I have been trying to rent Odd Thomas from Redbox for a week now and it's been sold out. Great movie but a tear jerker at the end. Even Rob cried! LOL

Sunday was pretty uneventful.. I wanted to go back out to the beach but Rob had other plans. I woke him up at 3:30pm with eggs and nagging! One hour later I was able to get him moving and we headed over to my Parent's house for Sunday dinner. I'm still on my Clean Eating and health kick so I tried to make something yummy, while the men folk had steaks-- THAT I GRILLED (and were super yummy, so they said).
We also wore Levi out with a frisbee.. he's a WILD MAN when it comes to those damned things. He will play with them until he literally can't breathe or stand. SO cute.
I will spare the video!

The only thing missing here are my collards-- YUM!

I hope that everyone had a great weekend!  This week is going to be crazy for me.  Not only is the beginning of "The Season" in my business but it's only me in the office.
Is it Friday yet, by the way?  I'm hoping for another beach filled weekend!


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