Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Teamwork ~ Live & Learn

Truth is.. I've been sick this week and tonight, I feel real bad.  Therefore, I'm not really up to posting much. My message is all about Teamwork-- there isn't supposed to be an "I" in team but there actually is, in the actual word. Seriously, what I've learned in projects and jobs; past and present.. is that it's best to work as a Team. No talking behind backs. Addressing issues in a professional manner. And so forth.
Be Adults, work together, be honest, and remember that everyone is human.
 If this doesn't make sense.. it's because I'm sick and nothing makes sense right now.

Speaking of jobs.. here's a few recent things I've learned:

  • Photo Shop isn't all that easy to get when watching over someone's shoulder or when checking out tutorial Youtube videos.  (Someone teach me)
  • It's best to just leave your "work scheduling program" up at all times.. especially at Events.
  • Wedding Reception Videos make me cry.
  • Colored pens make my day so much better!

The Crafty Practitioner

I promise that I won't be so lame next week.. also, we have a co-host next week--
Laney @ Night Owl Venting.
If you are ever interested in co-hosting, let us know!!

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