Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Home is where the Hart is!

My home sweet home, the place I was born and raised in.. Pensacola, FL.. which can also be known as the town of the "World's Whitest Beaches" (due to the sugary white sand prevalent along beaches in the Florida Panhandle), "Cradle of Naval Aviation" (because of it's housing many Naval Air Stations and being the home of the Blue Angels), The Redneck Riviera, and "LA" (meaning Lower Alabama).  I really haven't known anything other than this gorgeous area.  While I have traveled a handful of places, I wouldn't trade this wonderland for anything.  We don't have seasons other than Spring and Summer-- the water stays emerald green year round and the people have a Southern Charm that can often be contagious. 

With that being said, when Brianna started listing things she loved about the place she called home.. I knew that I would be crazy not to as well.  The town that I grew up in is incredibly important to me and I treasure it.  
Let me explain why...

1. Pensacola is the Home of the Blue Angels. Recently, the Blue Angel Shows have been "stolen" from us.  It blows-- but beyond all that, hundreds and thousands of people would flock to the beach by cars and boats to watch. It was spectacular. For awhile now, you can see Folks in town with bumper stickers that say "Ground Air Force One Not Our Blue Angels".  It speaks VOLUMES!

2. Our Pier!!!  Stretching out across the emerald green waters beyond 2 sand bars the Pensacola Beach Fishing Pier has some of the most exciting fishing and sights any pier Florida has to offer. And did I forget to say, "the most friendly pier around!" The Pensacola Beach Gulf Pier is here for everyone to enjoy. Whether you are a seasoned fisherman or a beginner you will be right at home on our pier. We also have everything you need to fish, bait, tackle, rental rods, coolers and carts as well as food and drinks in our new restaurant, tackle and gift shop Go Fish.

3. The Pensacola Beach Sign... It's a Historical Damned sign Folks.. and you should see it! I've grown up seeing the sign and I can't imagine it not being there-- in fact, I don't know how it's even stood the test of time through all of the hurricanes that what not. Maybe it's just meant to be. It's an icon for *MY TOWN* and I would be that it stays that way!!

4. The Graffiti Bridge, oh my! The 17th Avenue train trestle. A.K.A. ‘Graffiti Bridge’. A landmark where local youths and not so youths are allowed to express their inner Pollock. It’s a Pensacola tradition and the police seem to look the other way as long as the graffiti is confined to the bridge. Some of them probably tagged the bridge themselves when they were younger. Every now and again, you will see beautiful pieces of art, in memory of Pensacolians.. or for Cancer Awareness. The bridge is one of my most favorite "monuments"!

All too often.. this happens. You'd think truck drivers can figure this out, right!?!?

5. Pensacola Beach and our Observation Wheel. While we only had the Observation Wheel for a short time (I don't know or care to know the story behind all that), it was super fun. I think that it was moved to Chicago or something. Not only are our beaches gorgeous during the day but spectacular at night-- from our night clubs to our delicious restaurants and fancy hotels.

6. Some of our food spots are pretty well known around here.. such as The FIsh House, an Upscale dockside dining overlooking beautiful Pensacola Bay and Seville Harbor that is famous for their Gris a Ya Ya. And of course, Oysters! You can get them any way around these parts and boy are they ever gresh and wonderful!

7. Seville Quarter is a huge Bar/Club/Dining Area that was started in 1967.. it's basically 7 clubs into one building in our Downtown area and is pretty much the hottest Night Club and Bar in the area. The place has so much to offer from a Piano Bar to the spot where Pensacola Idol is held.

8. Joe Patti's Seafood has become a Pensacola destination for those who seek quality seafood and friendly service. People visit from all around the country because they know that here at Joe Patti's Seafood they will find the best. Not only do they have a Gourmet Deli but Fresh Sushi as well. They will even steam your shrimp and lobster on site, for free.  This place is awesome and you can't go wrong with them.  

9. McGuire's Irish Pub is one of my favorite places in Pensacola (and Destin). The Pub first opened in 1977 as a small neighborhood pub in a shopping center. In 1982 McGuire’s moved to its current location; Pensacola’s original 1927 Old Firehouse. Inside the pub you’ll find a turn-of-the-century, New York Irish Saloon themed 615-seat restaurant. The food is outrageously divine they are celebrated for the atmosphere boasting more than One Million signed dollar bills hanging from the ceilings and walls of the Pub.

10.  Last but not least-- the weather!  The weather here is awesome!  While we do have to handle/deal with humidity, I'm used to it.. we don't really have seasons (like I mentioned earlier) and that's really nice. It's great to be able to start laying out and enjoying this beautiful place in the beginning of March. It's so incredibly nice.

What do you love about your home??


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