Wednesday, March 19, 2014

I'm gonna tell ya...

My Confessions!  And boy do I have some to share! But first, I've started clean eating and exercising.  While I've only been doing it two days, I'm really enjoying the way that it makes me feel. If anyone has some good clean eating recipes or snacks to share, please do so because I'm in the learning and research phase.  K, thanks!

I confess...

People that don't hold up on their end of the bargain, have begun to get on my nerves more than usual. I know what you may be thinking, "this chick has some thin nerves that are easily tap danced upon".  And yes, it can be true at times. But I really try to do my best to do what I say I'm going to do or have the best intentions of doing, so come on-- do the same please or don't waste or best talking to me about it and blowing smoke up my ass! And hearing reasons why someone can't do this or someone can't do that just seems like incompetence to me. All I hear is blah blah blah!!

So, you're standing on a street corner, waiting to cross a busy Downtown road, music blaring on your headphones and someone tries to hold a conversation with you. Do you stop what you are doing (stop the song you are loving on Pandora) and speak to them or look at them like they are crazy and look away? Seriously? I HAVE HEADPHONES ON AND I"M MOUTHING WORDS-- LEAVE ME ALONE!

How do I teach Rob to chew gum with his mouth closed and not smack?  To be aware of when he is wrestling a wad of gum with his tongue and I can hear everything? It makes me insane.  Literally, I want to throw away every pack of gum he buys when he's not looking. I'm not perfect but I know good and damned well that I don't toss gum loudly around in my mouth. Does anyone know how to cure this gum smacking disease?  HELP ME!

I'm super excited about clean eating and putting good things in my body but I can't help that I miss being able to just eat whatever I want.  YES, I am committed to this change I am making and I want it in the worst way. But it's like telling a teenager they can't do something, they immediately want to run out and do what you told them they can't do. And it doesn't help that my coworker continuously has told me that I'm starving myself so her fast food and Subway looks amazing to me (that just always seems to be around the past couple of days!). I keep telling myself.. she'll eat her words in a month when I'm down 20lbs and grinning from ear to ear!

I'm becoming more and more jealous of my friends/people I know that tell me about how they can just pick up and travel on the weekends. How does that work? While I'm not much into major traveling, it would be nice to take a 3 or 4 hour drive to New Orleans or maybe Jacksonville one weekend-- just to get out of town.  I'm off on the weekends but I just can't see spending that money. Do people just really have money to blow like that? I sure don't and I'm jealous as hell of people that do. 

One of my long time friends got married a couple weeks ago. I really wanted to go to the wedding but I didn't want to go out and buy a new outfit (neither did Rob) nor did I want to sit through a ceremony or hob knob with people that I didn't know or care to know. I made the lame excuse that I had to work, knowing that I'm pretty sure she remembered that I don't work weekends. But seriously, I'm NOT having a wedding (hashtag courthouse), so why would I want to go to yours?  Send me pics, ok?

What are your Humpday Confessions?


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