Thursday, March 13, 2014

Him vs Her

I'm slacking lately, we know this. I wish I could explain but it probably wouldn't make much sense. With that being said, when I saw Jessy's Him vs Her post today, I knew that I had to jump aboard because it was incredibly easy it looked fun!
I hope everyone is having a great day-- I'm overwhelmed but great! Just great
Without further adieu... 

Him vs Her!

    Him: Adidas, KSwiss-- anything that he can keep super clean!
    Her: Flip Flops, year 'round

    Him: Mt. Dew
    Her: ICE!!!  (water)
        Ice Cream Flavor
    Him: Anything sweet
    Her: No Ice cream for me!!

    Him: Blue
    Her: Purple, Teal, Yellow
    Him: Anything sweet-- obessed with sweet stuff, especially Reeses!
    Her: Not really into sweets but Kit Kats are cool

    Him: Rap, Old School Rock
    Her: Everything-- very eclectic
        Go to outfit
    Him: Jeans & t-shirt 
    Her: Old Navy Capris and a shirt

    Him: Anything delicious, not picky
    Her: any good sushi place
    Him: Taken, really there are too many to list
    Her: Dazed and Confused, the Sound of Music, Terms of Endearment

    Him: Steak
    Her: Sushi!
        Item You Can't Live Without
    Him: TV and food
    Her: iphone

    TV Show
    Him: Any type of guy show.. 
    Her: Anything on the Food Network

        Way to relax
    Him: Playing solitaire 
    Her: reading blogs
  I'd love to see/hear your Him vs Hers!! 
Do share!


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