Tuesday, March 4, 2014

CMT's "Party Down South" were shunned by our locals..


Chances are, you've heard something about CMT's Party Down South, right? PDS, 
  1. by the same producers of Jersey Shore, is said to be one of the most outrageous reality TV shows aired in 2014. It follows eight young, wild adults for a summer of extreme fun and debauchery. Their summer vacation spot, Murrells Inlet, South Carolina, may never be the same after the fast friends work, party and bond with each other over their love of the South.
I've seen the show a handful of times, mainly because I was bored.. and it wasn't too terribly bad.  Mainly just entertaining because I think the cast members were just drunk and silly, acting like I would if I was buzzed and trying to make my friends laugh-- totally NOT being serious. To each his own.. no judgement here.

A week or so ago, I got word that the Production Company was visiting Pensacola & Pensacola Beach.. scouting out a place to start filming the second season of the show. I really didn't give it too much thought at first but then I started thinking how interesting it would be because it would bring a lot of money to the town, etc.  Well, little did I know, The residents of Pensacola and Pensacola Beach did NOT take kindly to the show coming to town.

The local newspaper has repeatedly published articles about the show coming to town and what locals have to say.. here are a few things that struck a cord with me (Cliff's Notes versions by Me)-- all were printed and found at Pensacola News Journal. 
  • News that producers were coming to town to film the show’s second season ignited a raging debate this week as thousands of people take to social media and even email to protest it. Since launching Wednesday, more than 9,800 people have “liked” the Locals Against Party Down South Facebook page. The likes grow by hundreds per hour. More than 1,600 people have signed a petition, spun off from the Facebook protest, to be delivered to Gov. Rick Scott stating, “We the people of Pensacola do not want CMT’s ‘Party Down South’ to take place in our town EVER. ... We’re hoping we can be put on the map based on our support to keep our integrity, not selling it to a show that exploits eight people for $500 an episode.”
  • A Pensacola native, who is proud of his Southern roots, asked on Facebook what the Spanish explorer responsible for the birth of Pensacola would think about it becoming known as the city for “Party Down South.” “That stigma would make Don Tristan DeLuna roll in his grave,”he wrote. “We love our city,” he said. “It takes one silly show like this to cast a shadow on us. John Q. Public is going to see this show and associate it with Pensacola, and that’s unfortunate.”
  • A Owner of a Downtown restaurant and one on Pensacola Beach, said once she read the contract producers were asking her to sign, she said “no way.” “They came in the shop on Monday and took pictures and asked us to sign a contract for March 14 through May 15,” she said. “The contract said we’d agree to let them come in and film any time and anything they wanted to. We’d lose all of our right as to what is filmed and aired.” She didn’t have to stretch her imagination too far to guess how producers would exploit the restaurant.
  • Other bars and restaurants, are signing contracts. “We want to support this because we got burned when the Blue Angels show and DeLuna Fest canceled last year.” “We lost thousands and thousands of dollars. This reality show will bring tons and tons of revenue to not just us, but to the hotels, convenience stores. “With this being our first year opened out here, we need to do whatever we can to stay open. If that’s to support a stupid reality show, so be it.”
  • The Executive Director of a local company, is part of one of the local businesses that stands to lose if “Party Down South” producers choose to pass on Pensacola. She has a $150,000 contract to feed the cast and crew for 56 days, but she believes staying true to the community that supports her nonprofit — which provides thousands of meals for terminally ill and hungry people — is more important. “We’d like to have the money,” she said. “But the whole reason we have our nonprofit is the help from the community. We want what is best for the community.” She also is willing to provide catering to the cast and crew if they move farther east or north of Pensacola, an option she said she thinks the producers are considering.
So how do I feel about this?  I think that we didn't need all the drama in the Newspaper.. I think we should have welcomed them to our area because we need the money to grow on. Why would we ever want to blatantly push someone out of such a beautiful place?  As of now, PDS won't be coming here-- I feel like we are missing out.  

How would you feel about this show or a show like this coming to your area?  What about the locals??

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