Sunday, March 9, 2014

Blog Baton & Weekend Shenanigans!

If you're in the cool club, and I know you are.. then you know what here today! I'm super stoked that I'm able to take over today and I wish I could give *hints* about my take over here, but I can't-- 
I will, however, tell you about my weekend..

 If you've never tried something like this yumminess-- you need to, ASAP! It's a great way to make delicious fruit fattening sweet and tasty! You will really surprise folks when you show up at a Spring/Summer Party with this! 

My Mom and Dad celebrated their 40th Anniversary on Sunday. I can honestly say that I have really never seen them argue-- yeah.. they've picked at each other like every couple does but in all of my 32 years, I've never seen them raise their voice to each other. They have shown me what real love is and what you do in order to make it last and stand the test of time. I'm SO lucky to have them as my Parents. SO LUCKY!!

My niece and Goddaughter, Morgan.. celebrated her 17th birthday this past weekend.  It seems like just the other day I was standing next to my Sister's side while she's was bring counted down in order for Morgan to be delivered into this crazy world. Not only is she athelethic but she's etremely smart and her attitutude is contagious!
There are NO words to explain how much I love this wonderful person

My Dad loves to Travel on the weekends.. especially now that he's retired. Becuase my Mother doesn't enjoy staying at home by herself; and Rob & I love getting out, we decided that we would keep her company whhile he was gone. So we "camped out" which her this weekend and were given a few "around the house jobs". Rob took on the job of cleaning up one of the old back yard areas where years old  elephant ears had frozen and died.  It took a couple hours but it looks SO much better.  Maybe, now that a couple of the big backyard areas are cleared-- WE CAN PARTY!!! Whoop!  lol :) :)

Every year there is a HUGE party and run.. the McGuire's St. Patrick's Day Run and it just happened to be this weekend.  About 14,ooo people ran. Last year, we wached from our condo but didn't parttake in the fun.. and this year we just read about it in the paper.  While I have a lot of friends that are gungho about this event, I just can't hang ith the drinking, partying, and running... it is always a good time though P)

And.. this cute guy-- I just couldn't be anymore in love with him.  He's so precious and makes me so happy!!

I hope that everyone enjoyed their weekend!!  And I hope that you were able to check me out on Instagram today-- if you're like me, and love IG like I do.. sign up to hold the Baton and I will check you out as well. TODAY is going to be rough for me-- cross your fingers for me/say a prayer for me/or just think of me!

Have a great day!!


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