Sunday, March 16, 2014

A sinfus infected, movie-filled weekend, & typical nonsense!

Yay!  A new week is upon us.. said no one ever! Fail!
I've literally been dealing with sinus issues for weeks now, so I should be used to it, right?
WRONG! This is/has gotten old. Hella old. This is also the reason why my blogging has been a little scarce. I'm just worn out!

*this is false! don't let anyone tell you otherwise!*

Not only was this weekend full of rain and thunderstorms (Friday, while I worked-- it just happened to be one of the most beautiful days we have had yet), but my nose uncontrollably ran and my face felt like I'd been hit by a sledge hammer. On a positive note, I got to spend tons of time with Levi. That helped a little.. 
We spent Friday night in with Levi and watched a few episodes of Burn Notice.  I'm really liking that show.  The great thing about it is that NetFlix has pretty much all of the seasons. Downtown Pensacola was having Gallery Night, so we wanted to be hermits and avoid all the hustle and bustle.
*could this little guy get more precious? you're right, no!!*

Saturday, we had big plans to do some gardening at my Parent's house while they spent the night in New Orleans.. thanks to the weather, that didn't happen.  Instead, we rented a couple movies and I made some homemade pizza. Redbox didn't disappoint. We ended up getting Last Vegas and The Butler.  While I don't typically like movies that show a lot of "slavery stuff" in them or feature ANYTHING about Obama (sorrynotsorry), I had really been wanting to see it.  And with a cast like Last Vegas had, I knew it would be good. 

Sunday, you could say that the rain helped us sleep in late.  Not that we really had anything to get up for. Levi was curled up in bed with us and that's just Heaven to me. I got up briefly to make some cabbage for dinner and let the dogs out, and then climbed back into bed.  And then we made a trip to the grocery store on the way home. You'll notice that we pretty much ONLY bought veggies so it sound be a somewhat healthy week. 

This should be a pretty busy week for me but I am pretty excited about a meeting that I have on Tuesday night. I am going to start selling Body by Vi and I can't wait.  If you are interested or want some info about it.. let me know.  I'm just learning about it and get to taste all the shakes but it's pretty darn interesting.  You can check out my friend's website here. If you are interested in signing up, either let me know or let my friend Kara know that you found the site by me :)

Have a great week!


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