Saturday, February 22, 2014

Shaking my head Sunday..

I can't believe that it's Sunday.. just the other day I was shaking my head in awe because I couldn't believe the week had passed so quickly (hashtag what was I thinking) and now I've blinked and the weekend is over. Our weekend was the usual "somewhat" eventful.. we had Levi over, Rob visited some friends, I had a Cops marathon, and we are planning a Sunday Dinner.  I vote for Meatloaf, what about you?
One thing that I must mention is that Pensacola hosted Pensacon.  The Event brought all kinds of Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Horror, Comics, Anime, Gaming, etc folks in for a weekend full of whatever they partake in... well, we just happen to live RIGHT by the place they were gathering so I got to enjoy watching all the people in their get-ups and what not--hello crazy costumes just walking up and down the streets like it's their business. My only regret is that I didn't get photos.  Shame on me, I know. My bad.

Anyhoot-- I'm sad that the weekend is over so I'm devoting this entire post to funny weekend "stuffs". And with that being said, I hope that your weekend was the best!
But not without sharing a few photos from our weekend first-- nothing too exciting, I swear. No need to brace yourself.. they can all be seen on Instagram!

Levi came over for a Slumber Party on Friday night and we got him a special bone, as usual. He tore through that bad boy faster than I have ever seen him attack a pig's ear. 

Rob was putting together a package for me and since the Pensacon folks got to be all crazy and dress up, I figured I would be a little crazy too. Who doesn't love a little bubble wrap fun? I know I do! 

So we weren't the 425 million Powerball winners (we'd actually have to buy tix), I'll take any kind of win! And Rob's got a MEGA sweet tooth-- he seriously cannot be trusted to go to the store for soda because he will come back with chocolate each and every time. He did a job for a Hershey Rep the other day who gave him 36 Reese's candies-- 
who in the world needs that much?!?! I don't care for them, thankfully. Sheesh!

Onto the weekend goods..

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