Thursday, October 31, 2013

Throwback Thursday- Crazies & the Pup

I've been noticing that there is a "trend" online every week, especially on Instagram,
Throwback Thursday-- So, I thought, why not participate.  I've been able to find some old and crazy pictures of myself doing stupid things (as usual), a few Halloween pics, and of course, my precious little furbaby, Levi.  Enjoy.

I found these pictures of Levi the other day and I can't believe that he was EVER 1lb. He will be seven years old in December and I can't believe it.  He still has the spunk of a one year old and is just as precious as the first day I brought him home! My baby!

Here's a few pictures from years past.  The crazy tattoo biker with my boss, Raggedy Anne, a bloody cow, and while we were just wearing masks in the Halloween store.. it was fun. And the last picture was taken in a bar with a Fella that had pads on him with a handle bar around his neck-- guess what he was?  Menstral Cycle.  Clever! Oh so clever!

We suck the Crawfish heads in these parts!

Loving the Harts, always!

Fun at the sushi place!

Loving Alabama Birthdays!

Happy Thursday!!!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Someday I Will

The Daily Tay

I'm super stoked that Taylor has a link up today.. I just wish I was a little more prepared.. maybe SOMEDAY!!

Someday I will not think about strangling Rob in his sleep, just to be mean.

Someday I will go back to school and finish my education.

Someday I will work as a Counselor to Bereaved Parents.

Someday I will finish "Life As I Blow It" instead of just letting it sit in my window.

Someday I will live in a four bedroom house that is not cluttered, with a yard, and a two car garage.

Someday I will have a successful pregnancy that I will be able to enjoy.

Someday I will be a PTA Mom or a Soccer Mom.

Someday I will have a Cane Corso.

Someday I will find a way to annoy my neighbors just as much as they annoy me.

Someday I will feel safe because there will be a cure for Cancer.

Someday I will get my half sleeve completed.

Someday I will make a difference.

Friends don't let friends carve ugly pumpkins..

Friends don't let friends carve ugly pumpkins.. or do they?
Being that yesterday was National Best Friends Day, my BFF couldn't let me get through the "Halloween Season" without carving a pumpkin.  So we set out get a pumpkin and make some memories.  Only, it was no easy feat.  After going to two places.. The ONLY place in town with pumpkins was a church that was charging WAY too much for ugly, demented looking "orange things".  (Although a nice, old lady at Walmart felt bad for us and gave us a little pumpkin and a carving kit out of her trunk.)

So what do you do when you have an ugly pumpkin??
Have a few drinks and be stupid silly!

And just a tip for all you crazy pumpkin carvers out there:
don't attempt pumpkin carving while drinking with NO stencil and an injured finger!

the little guy is Rob's pumpkin!

Oh!  And when you can't remember if pumpkin seeds require any oil to roast (they don't), don't hesitate to ask Google!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Extreme Cheapskates are Cray Cray

The other night, after cooking a delicious dinner.. all I wanted to do was sit down, not speak, and read the blogs that I follow.  Numerous times, Rob tried to get my attention so that I would watch some stupid commercial on TV.  I finally stopped what I was doing, instead of sucker punching him, dragging his body down the hall, and throwing it down the concrete stairs and watched what he was blubbering about.  (I'm hormonal, can you tell?)
Well, I don't know whether to be disgusted or amused.. but TLC has a show called Extreme Cheapskates and it's rather insane (to say the least).

According to TLC, the show is about how they follow some of the most peculiar self-proclaimed frufalistas as they go to radical lengths, day by day, to save and preserve their money and possessions.  -- Ummm, yeah.. ok!

One of the women featured on the show, Kay, doesn't purchase toilet paper.  Instead, she uses her hand to clean below the belt after urinating and uses soap after #2.  With that being said, I've seen a few articles where people will use "rags" as a form of toilet paper washing them weekly or what not but this is a little extreme.  I can't wrap my head around it. She dumpster dives for food, participates in medical trials for extra money, and washes her clothes while she showers.  I just can't understand it.  I'm not a judgemental person but this makes NO sense to me. TLC states that she saves $4,000 a month on her "money saving secrets" but when is enough enough?

Did I mention Kay is a CPA?

The show also features another couple, Karissa and Rick, who are more than "extreme" to me.  In their episode, they are shown sharing razor blades, deoderant, showers.. and, get this-- DENTAL FLOSS!!  Yes, you read that right.  Oh and they also share shampoo but not from the same bottle.. oh no, they share suds.  Give me a break people!  Lets see here, after you scrub all the dirt out of your hair, I want you to put it in mine so I can then rinse it out of mine.  GA-ROSSSSS!  

I can safely say that I will NOT be watching this show nor will I be sharing any dental floss with anyone in the near future.  All of this just blows my mind and If things are so "tight" that we have to go to any of these extremes, I'd rather ask my Parents if I can move back home!

What extremes would you go to in order to save a few bucks?

Check out my Fancy "cheap" shades though!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

We can celebrate Halloween next year, right?

I love that everyone is getting into the Halloween spirit but what I don't love is that I made SO many plans to visit Pumpkin Patches and researched local ones (45 mins away), talked about pumpkin carving, roasting seeds, etc.. and I've done jack. At least I have these link ups, right?  There's always next year!!

Linking up with the Fabulous Neely today for the Sunday Social, Halloween Edition!

1. What was your favorite Halloween costume as a kid?
Ok.. so while my Mother loves me dearly and I am her only precious blessing child, she has literally NO photos of me at ANY of my Halloweens and I have no memory of them.  My sister (half sister from my Dad's first marriage, which I don't consider her a half but a WHOLE) made me a photo album of my childhood as best a she could and without it, I would have nothing. I was able to find a photo of myself dressed up (my sister dressed me up).. we will pretend it was a Halloween costume, ok!  

2. If you could go back to your childhood and dress up as something, what would it be?
A skinny kid?  I'm not real sure. I asked my Mother and she said I hated Halloween? However, my sister said that my very own Mother was a scaredy cat and we didn't participate much.. she still turns the porch light off and doesn't buy candy-- every once in awhile my Dad will buy some candy, put it in a bowl on the front porch, and leave the house for hours.

3. What was your favorite Halloween costume as an adult?
It's a tie between Elvis and a Leprechaun.  My father owns a professional DJ business and literally gets paid to dress as Elvis and preform.  I don't mean some cheap ol' costume-- I'm talking a costume that is hundreds of dollars (he has multiples).  He let me borrow one, down to the colored boots! It was a riot to see everyone's reaction. And being that I'm Irish, being a jolly Leprechaun was a blast!

4. What is your favorite Halloween candy?
I'm not big on candy but when Halloween comes around, I do enjoy some kitkats.

5. What is your favorite Halloween memory?
I really enjoyed going Trick or Treating (well, not me personally) with my good friend Jamie's kids.  Half the neighborhood got together and walked with the kids.  It was a tradition and so much fun to get dressed up and see all the Tots so happy, creating memories, and taking pictures.  I can't wait to do it with my own kids someday!

6. What is your favorite scary movie?
I never watched scary movies growing up and literally have NEVER seen any of the Friday the 13th movies or Chucky movies.  I don't have a scary movie.  Now that I'm older, I've branched out and watched scary stuff-- I promise I don't have nightmares anymore.  What I will say is, I REFUSE to watch anything that shows children being hurt or people being tortured so Saw is something I won't watch.

I WON'T tolerate "gun threats"!!!

Before I start this rant (or whatever you want to call it), let me just say that I am Pro Guns. With that being said.. I don't carry one and if I have (another) a child, I will not allow him/her to play with guns.  I was raised around guns and I know gun safety.  Also, I won't debate gun laws and all that nonsense with anyone.  One thing I will say loud and clear is that I won't tolerate someone threatening me or people I love with a gun.  

Last night, someone I know (I am very OLD friends with her husband) decided that she didn't like that I told her to google the word "snarky".  Nor did she like that Rob and I have the relationship that I do.. I believe she posted something childish on my IG about my not knowing how to "treat my homeboy".  Whatever that means-- I'm not Ghetto.  
Anyway, she proceeded to send me text after text and blow up my Facebook with preschool drama and then she advised me that she was on her way over to my house with a gun and that I should pray.


Maybe that's how her half the Trailer Park plays (I don't live in a Trailer Park, ps), but I won't sit around and let someone threaten me or anyone I know like that.  

You may be thinking.. Well is she scared?  No.  I just don't think that threatening with guns is a good idea.  The way she was ranting and raving on Social Media makes me think that maybe she was REALLY missing her meds the ones she was harassing me about and probably the real reason why she wanted to come over with a gun.. to rob me.

So, I called the cops.  And while I am the FIRST person to say that they have bigger and better fish to fry-- this was a serious threat in my eyes.  So with all of my screen shots in hand, I waited for the cops to arrive and contacted my Parents.  (*note-- one thing people that REALLY know about me is that my Father knows EVERYONE in this town and is NOT a force to be reckoned with.)  So I spoke with the cops and agreed to print up all of the threats and such and bring them to the Head Quarters today.  And I wake up this morning and everything is deleted.  Thank you iPhone screen shot-- I heart you.

Point of the story is: Lunatics shouldn't have guns- number one. Secondly, people shouldn't be so quick to threaten others and especially with guns.  Why does everyone have to be so childish and ignorant?  Can't we just put our big girl panties on and walk away from situations if someone hurts your feelings or pisses you off?  There are so many innocent people getting killed and so many innocent hearts being broken due to this.
You aren't Biggie or Snoop Dog.. you don't have to cruise in the Hood with your AK or whatever it is you feel like you need to do. 


Wednesday, October 23, 2013

When the fiance thought he'd win 10K

My only failure here was not getting video of the Fiance prancing running around the house like a maniac, like he was going to potentially win thousands (he even cleaned his damned shoes!).  Today, we happened to get a scratch off mailer that had the "winning numbers" on it. The prizes were an Apple I-Pad, Plasma TV, Chance to win up to $1,500 (through lotto scratch offs), or $10,000 in cash.
Seriously, I've never seen Rob so excited.  You'd think that Hugh Heffner sent him a personal invite to the Playboy Mansion or something along those never going to happen lines.  

Me, being the realist, told him that he wasn't going to win large amounts of money and would probably would be given A Scratch Off Lotto Ticket, was called a buzz kill (or something of the sort (and then some).  He called the car company, Sandy Sansing (I went to school with his big wig daughter, whoopy-do) and after lots of questions, they told him to make an appointment and come in with his "paperwork". <insert eye roll>

A hour later of torture because the fiance wouldn't shut the hell up about how he was about to win ten grand, we rode about fifteen minutes away to the car lot.  We just happen to have Levi with us tonight so I decided to take him for a walk, in hopes that he would crap in their grass- knowing this was a waste of time.. Rob walks out of the office with a scratch off ticket (TOLD YOU SO, RIGHT!!!).  He meets me in the car and says that the Car Salesman told him that if he wins $50k, to come back and buy a car.
Once again, the Realist, rolls her eyes.

(I should have known this was BULLSHIT when I saw the teams on the card)

Because I'm the boss Rob was driving, I scratched the ticket and guess what----
NO Win, No Nothing!
So we drove damn near across town, basically just to let Levi pee in some new grass.
We are no richer and there's a new piece of trash in my car-- the non winning ticket.

I'm fine with being the Realist.. and I guess I have to live with the Dreamer.

Costumes Faves & That One Horrid Costume Choice

Yay for a Halloween Link up!  While I had planned to talk about my favorite Halloween parties and such, I'd rather focus on how crazy I've been with my last couple costumes, that ONE HORRIBLE COSTUME THAT SOMEONE SHOULD NEVER WEAR, and just leave it at that.. because well, they speak for themselves!

Helene in Between

This was by far one of my most favorite costumes.. especially because we went into an Irish bar after taking the kids out trick or treating and no one knew who I was (we were Regs).

The Bloody Cow & The Witch

Who doesn't love a Cereal Killer & Elvis?

After Trick or Treating with the kids, I decided it would be fun to go to a co-worker's party.  The house was decorated nicely, lots of food and beverages.. drinking games and such.  Did I mention I worked at a college?  Yeah.  Until one of the chick's I worked with changed into her "Party Costume".  It was about the time that she got plastered-- check out these photos.. Let me add that the only reason I'm posting them is because I hate her guts!!

Last year's Tacky Tourist

And this year's favorite "idea" that I've seen yet..
I've got no idea who to give creds to because I saw it on Facebook!!

What was your favorite costume?

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Never Ever Ever - Manners Edition

Howdy Folks!  Is it Halloween yet?  I'm so ready for the holiday... to pass the time, I'm linking up with Stephanie today and focusing on Manners, or lack there of.

Never Ever Ever...

Will I find it acceptable to chew gum with an open mouth and pop bubbles in a car or confined area.  No one wants to listen to that madness.  It's rude and annoying! If you want to smack on a wad of gum and toss it around in your yap, do it on your time, not mine. 

Will you catch me bleching loudly in the middle of a restaurant, in the check out line at the Supermarket, or while standing next to you in an Elevator during a conversation.  And I'm not talking about men here.. It is unacceptable for a grown woman to burp like she just did a keg stand in any of these situations.  My God!  If you do this next to me.. I will say something to you and you will be embarassed.

Will I feel the need to make up excuses when I don't feel like going to a party or gathering. If you don't want to go somewhere.. just tell the person who invited you.  You're an ass if you can't tell the truth and a coward.

Will I think it's ok to sneeze without covering your mouth! And by covering your mouth, I dont mean with your hand.. so gross.  If I have to sneeze in public, I do my best to sneeze in the crook of my arm so that my mouth is covered and I'm not sneezing on a part of my body that is going to touch anyone or anything that someone else will touch. Germs are gross, Folks! And if I wanted other's germs.. I'd walk barefoot in a hospital. Ick!

Will I think it's okay for a couple to argue/fight in public.  I don't want to hear you arguing about this and that.  Believe me.. if I have to keep my "crap" behind closed doors, I think you should too.  No one wants to hear that you're upset with your Partner because he doesn't put the toilet seat down or because he's a minute man.

These aren't the only BAD MANNERS that annoy me...
Which ones get to you the most?

Monday, October 21, 2013

Wrongcards = Hilarious

I'm sure you've all seen Wrongcards and I've found a new hiliarous!
While some of the cards are downright disturbing (see below), I love the idea behind a lot of them and couldn't stop reading through the website. What's really awesome is that most of the cards have a little blurb under them about the card.
"Wrongcards are ecards that are very, very wrong."

(this I don't agree to, but see the humor behind it)

I was listening to some poor, hapless parent talking about how hard it was to get their kid to enter the civilized world and, before I knew it, the words of today's wrongcard fell off my tongue. If I ever become a parent I want to do it the old-fashioned way: accidentally. I look forward to it, I suppose; it just seems so romantic to flee a country and live under a false identity.

A lot of men find it difficult to express themselves emotionally, but that's only because a lot of men these days don't drink a lot of whiskey. Men, it's easy to speak your mind; all you have to do is make sure nobody is home, lock the doors and whisper. I can't believe we have a reputation for being unable to communicate.

It is a sad thing but sometimes people can get sick and this may occasionally result in the interruption of one's plans. Experience has taught me that nobody likes it when you leave a bed-side vigil to go jet-skiing. I believe this is because people are fundamentally irrational. Send a Get Well card and THEN you can go jet-skiing.

OMG I love these!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Sunday Social gets deep!

I can't believe it's Sunday.. last week went by so fast, as well as this weekend!  Today I'm linking up with Neely for the Sunday Social-- this one's a little on the "deep" side.
Enjoy what's left of your weekend Ladies!

1. What do you value most in life?
Hands down, my Parents (my Family too-- you know, Sister, Bro in Law, niece, nephew).  My father is a strong and knowing man.  He's the one who said, "Tell me the truth and I'll stand by your side, no matter what you do."  Also, he's given me such great advice over the years.  And no matter what he tells me, he's always right.  I hate when he gives me advice on something, I do the opposite, and he tells me "I told you so! Would I ever steer you wrong?"  And my Mother.. I get my silliness from her.  I can tell her anything, be "stupid/cut up" with her, and be serious all the same.  There will never be people like my Parents-- God surely broke the mold when he made them.
(this is a bad photo that I took with my phone.. didn't have time to scan-- but it shows my Mom's silliness)
(an older pic.. Thanksgiving 2009-- including my Mother's Father, whom I'm not close to)

2. What do you think is the greatest invention in your life and why?
This is a hard question. Probably Google.  I can't tell you how often I use it.  To look up words, to help translate if I meet someone that speaks a different language.  It really is awesome (I'm sure you would agree). Oh and I love when they change their graphics too!

3. What do you think is the secret to a good life?
It's a toss up...

4. What would you most like to be remembered for when you’re gone?
Having a genuine, sincere heart and my sense of humor/love of laughter.  When I say that I care about someone, am interested in helping someone, concerned, etc-- I mean every word I say.  And I love to laugh/be silly.  A good joke/being silly makes me really happy. 

5. What accomplishment in your life are you most proud of?

Having my son Miller, and surviving his delivery-birth-death.. ahd every day since then. Nine years is a long time when part of your heart and soul is missing.  But I'm here and I'm alive and healthy.  I've got a lot of passion and I know that God has a bigger plan for me.