Tuesday, May 28, 2013

My Holiday Weekend

I hope that everyone had an amazing holiday weekend, I did!  And I made it a point to try and get a few pictures.  Being that I hate my phone for the sheer facts that it doesn't have a flash or a forward facing camera, I had to use the Mister's to snap most of them.  I do own a digital camera but never take it out in fear that I will break it-- I am that person!
This weekend was exciting because I got to spend a lot of time with the love of my life as well as see a part of my family that I rarely get to see-- my sister, her husband, and the kids-- oh, and I hung out with my best friend too!  In all of that fun, I will say that my heart was often heavy.. thinking of all of the soldiers who have fought for my freedom and those who continue to, as well as their families.  I will forever be grateful!  

The Mister and I aren't the couple that go out a lot.. we would rather just be home bodies and be with each other.  There's nothing wrong with going out at all but once you've seen most of the stuff in this town that consists of fun-- it gets old.  This is a "small beach town".  'Nuff said.  We rented a few movies this weekend-- Guilt Trip, Parental Guidance, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and Last Stand.  Good stuff.  We also watched How to Be a Player on Netflix because I'd never seen it and we were bored.  For some crazy reason, we stayed up late all weekend.. until the wee hours of the morning, being silly, talking, and watching random TV shows.  It was nice.  

Friday night I had marinated pork chops in some new sauce but we decided we would just make some pizza instead.  Because we stayed up so late, of course we slept in.  When we woke up and got moving around, I decided I would go ahead and cook Friday night's dinner for a late lunch/early dinner.  I would totally recommend marinating your pork chops, overnight, in sweet onion salad dressing-- this was the Shiz!

This is the Mister's plate.  Chop with fresh broccoli, KC Masterpiece's Applewood Bacon Beans, and Rolls.

On a sad note.. both my puppy Levi and my Mother's dog Macy got real sick and had to be put on meds this weekend (they are both recovering nicely).  My mother asked that we come over to her house on Saturday to watch them and asked us to do some yard work as well.  (This means that the Mister does the work and I watch/annoy him)  I decided that I would offer help due to the heat and my boredom and I must say that I enjoyed working as a team.  It was super humbling and sweet-- but what a pain in the arse.  We cleaned out the flower beds, trimming the overgrowth on the heather plants and trimmed down the Sago Palms.  EW!

Underneath all of this mess were three different growths of trees PLUS elephant ears.  ICK!

As you can see.. I was goofing off here..

And here..

The Mister worked REALLY hard and got eaten up by the bugs.  I told him at least four times that I would give him bug spray but he wouldn't have it-- let me tell you that he is STILL whining about bug bites.. I have none.

Don't leave home without it, folks!

Since I have moved out of my parent's house, my room has been left as is.  It had my computer in it, a lot of my clothes, some of my furniture, my computer.. Recently my father has gone on a TV purchasing spree.  While at my parent's, taking a break, we decided to go into the room I used to call my own-- now known as the TV room.  I don't think this picture does the TV justice.  In comparison with the huge oak dresser that it is sitting on, maybe you can get an idea.  It's crazy.. and I'm jealous.

It's sick.. I know.

My best friend came over Sunday and we had some girl time.  She has recently been traveling with her soon to be fiance and brought over a bottle of $60 wine.  I know you are probably thinking.. $60? bleh.  Well, that's a little rich for my blood-- I'm fine with a $12 box of wine, hehe.  We drank a glass or two and because I live within walking distance of Downtown we went for a little walk to the park to get some fresh air.  I never knew it but there is a new local beer bar and she took me for my first visit.  I'm not one for fancy beer but it was nice to try it and sit outside.. it was a nice visit.

I'm a goofball!

Brewing local beer!

The Mister had to work for a few hours on Monday and then we headed across town to my Sister's house.  I don't get over there often because she is busy with work and my niece and nephew's many sports and other functions.  It was nice to lay out by the pool and be around family.  Who knows when we will do it again so I tried my best so soak it all in.  The Mister got burnt and I didn't get enough sun.

I wish that every weekend lasted for four days!  The Mister had to go back to work and I'm about to start a new job-- so I will just live in the moment and treasure the good times with family.  I hope everyone enjoyed their time off like we did!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Always an Aunt, not a Mother

If you have read my blog, then you know that I have suffered one of the greatest losses that a person can endure, the loss of a child.  With that being said, I dream daily about having another child.  I dream about seeing their first steps, celebrating birthdays, and every other wonderful joy that comes with being a Parent.  Throughout my teenage years I would babysit and as I got older I would nanny.  I have met so many wonderful families and had the pleasure of spending time with some great children.  I like to joke with my friends that I live vicariously through them.  

With that being said, I do also experience jealousy at times.  It's not a hateful jealousy.. if I could explain it in any way-- it's almost like when you cry happy tears.  I am happy for my friends.. they get to experience such a wonderful blessing.  Miracles.  I wouldn't want to take that away from them. EVER!  I just want to experience it for myself.  I have experienced the true miracle of creating a life.. I just didn't get to bring it into this world.. living.  I have a friend who let me experience Christmas Eves with her family and create traditions and also Christmas mornings when her children would get up and see the presents they got from Santa.  I was there for all the firsts with her last daughter and I'm forever grateful!  I am always "Aunt Jamie" and every child I have met loves me.  

I long for the day when I can be a Mother again.  I want to experience pregnancy, planning for the arrival of my baby, have a baby shower, decorate a nursery.  And I can actually say I want to give birth, I don't care if my child throws temper tantrums.  I want it all.  And I will take in EVERY moment for the simple miracle it is.  I can only pray that one day in the future I will be blessed because I can't imagine my life without a child of my own.  Until then, I'm just going to have to enjoy everyone else's.

Me & Rayven
Brand new Oliver Jude

Kenzy (floor), Kaitlyn (sitting up), & Bella (on me)



Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Hump Day Truths

Yay for Wednesday!  We are halfway through the week.. the Mister has been working killing himself so many hours lately and I have had two interviews this week and signed on with a Hiring Agency.  Hopefully I will get good news soon!  I'm looking forward to doing something fun this weekend and since one of my favorite blogger friends posted about a cute picnic she went on with her guy, I was thinking about planning a beach day picnic.  We have Fort Pickens here so we could walk through the forts, eat some grub, and get some sun!  Sounds fun, eh?  Speaking of blog friends, I just started following a really neat chick and she has done a few blog posts listing truths about herself; things people may not know.  Today I'm going to do that because it seems fun.  Happy Hump Day! 

Truths about moi!

I am EXTREMELY protective of my best friend (of 12yrs).. She is so very important to me, there is no other like her and I would give my life for her.  I actually save her life, mouth to mouth folks!  We even have our own language!

I have 14 tattoos and I would like a half sleeve.  These are a few of my favorites!  In fact, I would love to have Van Gogh's Starry, Starry Night on my forearm.

I think the new mustache craze is awesome and would LOVE to start collecting the stuff but the Mister thinks it is ridick and won't let me!

I don't wear dresses and this picture in the Old Navy dressing room was the first time I had worn one since I was forced to in my sister's wedding in 1992 (I think).  My fiance hasn't even seen me in one, except for this photo.  When I tell people why I don't like them, I use the excuse (for comical effect) that I "can't keep my legs closed".

                    I am ALWAYS up for taking a silly picture.. ANYWHERE!  And they always end up on Facebook and Instagram.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Kiss the Cook!

I need new recipes, new ideas for dishes.. healthy stuff.  Me and the Mister want to make changes in our diets.  I have forbidden the Fry Baby from coming out and want him to eat less red meat.  Although I'm not much of a meat eater, he really is a meat and potato guy. I incorporate veggies with meals and have figured out ways to season them so that he can enjoy them.  I've researched new recipes but I can't find anything fun, easy, and not over the top expensive.  Lets face it-- not everyone has a ton of money to spend on an outrageous amount of groceries a month nor do they have an endless amount of time to spend preparing meals.  We aren't the Kardashians!  My honey has a serious sweet tooth.. along with that, he loves to snack and is what I call a "Caveman".  With that being said, he works HARD for about 8-12 hours a day, in the heat, burning a lot of calories. He seems to have become addicted to stove top popcorn and tortilla chips with melted shredded cheese.  He will eat this stuff right when he gets home, before a large meal.  And on the weekends when he's off.. oh my goodness.  We just have to get out of the house or he will graze.  After losing all the weight I did, I cannot pick up these habits.  
I would love for someone to share new recipes with me, healthy snacks, and some new and easy ideas for meal planning that doesn't break the bank.  Any ideas?  

I have done really good with finding some recipes that I can sneak fresh veggies into.. the other night I threw together a "pie" with crescent rolls-- in that, I put canned corn, canned carrots, shredded chicken, and some instant mashed potatoes.  So we are getting somewhere.  Below are some photos of the dishes that I have been making..

Homemade Blueberry Pancakes

Heart shaped Meatloaf for my Love

Grilled Veggies and Everything but the Kitchen Sink Burgers with Antipasta Sauce, chopped  Olives, onions, peppers, ketchup, BBQ sauce.

Linking up today with my favorite Kitchen Genius, Stephanie @ Never The Same Spice Twice, for Kitchenspiration!  Woot!

Monday, May 20, 2013

This heat, oh boy, this heat!

Oh boy!  It's going to be one HOT summer.  Being that I've only ever lived in this city and it's known as a Military and Beach town, all I know is humidity!  This year it seems like the heat is in full force and sooner than usual.  I know that it's almost Memorial Day but good Lord-- even if the wind is blowing, you get scorched!  I am very thankful that I do not have a job outside because I couldn't do it.. I've been up since the butt crack of dawn today, in air conditioning, and I've already consumed seven bottles of water.  It's painful just to see people outside.  This weekend I went down to the pool to get some rays and after one hour I was ready to run like hell indoors.  

Which leads me to believe that it is going to be a wild and crazy Hurricane season.  Boo! We have already had our fair share of CRAZY summer storms.  Anyone who has ever lived in Florida (I'm in Pensacola) knows that it can rain one minute and be the sunniest day the next minute. Not only do we live in a condo by the water but my family owns a house and a town home-- double trouble (I'm assuming it's my landlord's responsibility to deal with any storm to-dos as far as the condo goes). My fiance has never been through a Hurricane and for some reason he seems to look forward to riding one out here.. I have no problem staying for one but if it's a category 3 or higher.. SEE YA!  My family has a lovely RV with all the bells and whistles.  

Along with the heat does come boating trips, cookouts, good times with friends and so much more.  We live downtown so we are near the "hub" of so much fun.  We can literally walk out our front door and be in the middle of anything-- Concerts, Bars, Clubs, Festivals.  Some people say that Southern Girls don't sweat, they glisten.. but with this heat-- we pour!  I'm going to have to suck it up while I am still in the South, all too soon I will be in Alaska and will be wishing I was back here and DYING for a little heat and humidity!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

My dog is my BABY!

I'm sure everyone has met those crazy dog owners, the ones that dress their dog, feed them "people food"-- if not cooking their own meals everyday practically serving them on a silver platter.. but my love for my "dog" is so much deeper.  He's a part of my family and he is, well, he's like my child.  Levi is a full blooded Shih Tzu.  I got him when he was 6 weeks old only because I bribed the breeder to let me have him early and even signed paper work stating she wasn't responsible if anything happened to him.  I'm pretty sure after talking her that she knew I wasn't BS'ing when I explained to her all my knowledge in raising, fostering, and caring for many, many animals in the past.  
The entire first year of his life I carried him everywhere with me.  It's pretty easy to do when he was only one pound.  He's a silly little guy-- sometimes he acts like a cat with all of his crawling onto counters from the back of the couch and perching in different areas and other times he thinks he's a big as a Pit Bull when he barks at passerby's and tries to protect us.  He's such a special "person" to me and there will never be another like him.  If I'm considered crazy for loving my dog just like a child-- consider me CRAZY.  He's the best little fella and I just can't get enough of him!!

How could you not just ADORE such a cute little creature??

I love his little puppy noises!!

He goes crazy here trying to attack my belly button!
Someone wants attention!!