Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Beano first and they'll Be No gas later?

I almost didn't sleep a wink last night because my mind was running wildly.. I wanted to get up and research Garlic & Flatulence.  Seriously folks!  
I LOVE to cook and I have a heavy hand with garlic.  Ever since the Mister and I got together I have been cooking for him (it's the Southern Gal's way to a man's heart!)-- he's commented numerous times that "garlic gives you gas" but I never paid it much attention.  Once we got more comfortable in our relationship (like, moved in together), if we were gassy, we would make a joke and say "uh oh" if we passed gas.. but "uh oh" doesn't excuse any smell whatsoever! Everyone has gas-- it just happens.  If you can hold it in, great for you.  My mother swears that in the 37 years she's been married to my father, she's never "Uh oh'd" around him.  I call bullshit, but whatever!  My Grandmother always said, "There's more air out than there is in".. but that's besides the point. 

It seems like lately, every time I cook, the Mister is all eyes on me just making sure he monitors the amounts of garlic that I put in the food.  Apparently he thinks that if I don't use garlic, neither one of us will have gas.  I've tried to explain that veggies make you have gas, meat can give you gas, etc.  He just won't have it!
This morning I made him an egg sandwich for breakfast and as he's eating it and I'm researching garlic and gas, I start to read him an article-- TWO BITES INTO HIS SANDWICH he says, "Yeah, I know you put garlic in my sandwich because I already have gas!!"  Umm, hello, it's an egg sandwich.. why would I put garlic in that?  And also, you've had two bites, even though you take massive, caveman bites-- there is no way that even if I had put garlic in the eggs that it would be in your system yet. Men, sheesh!

With my "research", apparently garlic is high in inulin, a pro-biotic soluble fiber in the form of a fructose polymer that is indigestible by the human starch enzymes amylase and ptyalin; it passes straight through the human digestive system, unless digested by something else along the way. if it is digested by bacteria in the colon, gases such as carbon dioxide, methane and hydrogen may be produced as a result. (per Wikianswers)
According to Dr. Oz, we can just live off Beano!  AND.. something else we love and eat a lot of gives us gas too-- good ol' onions.  I guess we are just going to starve.  
A life without garlic and onions... I don't know if I can carry on!

I did find some positive info on garlic.. it can be used for many conditions related to the heart and blood system and some people use garlic to prevent colon cancerrectal cancerstomach cancerbreast cancerprostate cancer, and lung cancer. It is also used to treat prostate cancer and bladder cancer. So I guess I will just preach this and buy stock in Beano!
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Thursday, April 25, 2013

I got 15 kids & 3 baby daddies!

Are you kidding me?  I saw this today and almost died.. I totally believe that the system failed her-- we failed in not ripping her uterus out of her and burning it!  Where does she get off thinking that "someone" is responsible for paying for her children?  Especially when she obviously doesn't know what responsibility is in the first place. SICK SICK SICK!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

I flipped my car SIX times!

Yesterday started out just like any other day, except that I had slept 17 hours straight due to an ear infection.. I had just gotten out of the shower and went to lean down to the coffee table to pick up my soda and got a huge shock/pinch in my back.  There I stood, as the pain shot down my back, into my legs, and left me in tears.  Damnit, I pinched a nerve again! I simply just bent down, like I always do, to pick up something very light!
May 2006 I flipped my car six times and was ejected over 50 feet into a tree, all in front of the Florida Highway Patrol officer that was pulling me over for speeding (about 8-10 miles over). According to the officer at the scene, I wasn't going to make it.  I don't remember anything from the accident but I do know that I was not wearing my seat belt, which I was told that if I had been, I would not have survived and would have been decapitated.  

I remember leaving the hospital (4 hours later, I was told) and getting out of the car at my parent's house.. I walked in the front door and fell directly onto my butt-- breaking my tailbone (since then I have broken it again, twice).  My injuries from the wreck were broken ribs, a broken foot, and a severely injured back and knee. Since then, I've seen several doctors, had fluid removed from my knee which aches now and again but isn't a source of real issues, and had numerous epidural blocks, injections, MRIs, scans, etc of my back.  My back is the main and MAJOR source of issues from this trauma.  I injured the upper and lower parts of my back which are affected by so many things.  I've been told that I would not benefit from surgery and that if I had it, at my age, I would more than likely have to repeat the surgery again in years to come.  At this point, pain medicines work few and far between-- which I refuse to get on massive meds because I fear becoming addicted.  Weather brings on pain as well.  I cannot even do physical therapy or see a Chiropractor because it leaves me in more pain than I was in to begin with.  

So here I am, years since the wreck.. simply bending over to pick something up and I am stuck with a pinched nerve that has left me looking like a crippled old woman that can't do anything.  It's seriously frustrating-- I want to scream and throw stuff, but if I did.. I'd probably injure my lame ass more.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Starting Over

In the back of my mind.. I knew that the position I held wouldn't last past the end of April but I guess I kept telling myself that if the Boss didn't say anything, maybe he'd need me longer.  When I went to work last Thursday, I didn't think it would be my last day. I did my usual job and went about my day.  When five o'clock came I went to tell him goodbye, he informed me that he had my check because he wouldn't be there on Friday.  Oh yay, early payday, right?  I said, "ok, see you Monday!"  That's when he told me that he no longer needed me..  Wait, what?  Couldn't you have given me a weeks notice so that I could have gotten my ducks in a row?  So that I could have saved myself a tear?  Geez, some people! It didn't help that I had walked to work that day.. granted, we live six blocks away but still I had a picture frame and some other things that I'd acquired over my time there (fortunately they fit in my oversized purse) but also a cup and a vase of beautiful birthday flowers.  So as I walk home, I thought-- great, now will be starting over.
I finally make it home.. feeling like I just walked the "walk of shame" and what do I see.. a sink full of dishes.  Nothing like getting laid off (the day after my birthday) and coming home to sink full of dishes. Then.. come to find out, I'd left my makeup bag there too and they weren't going to return until Monday..  UGH! Me and the Mister had planned to do something special over the weekend in celebration over my birthday but why would I be interested now.. I'm jobless and can't even wear makeup. Wah!  

I've been sending out resumes, checking all the proper avenues to find a new job, and the "sting" has gone away.. but now I'm just driving myself crazy being home alone without anything to do.  When I'm not working, I feel like I'm not pulling my weight so I'm now 100% in charge of every mess at the house, whether it's mine or not, and it's aggravating as hell! I can't seem to drag myself down to the pool because I feel like I should be doing some job searching instead.. although that's what I've been doing online.  I thought that we would have been set out on our way to Alaska by now so I didn't get myself in school and took on only Seasonal jobs so I'm kicking myself in the rear for that.  I can't help but feel super down this week because I hate starting over. Starting from scratch is no fun!

Cross your fingers for me folks-- I don't know how much longer we will be in this city, but I do need a job to get by until we leave.  There's got to be something out there.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Hello 32!

When you are young.. birthdays are awesome!  Your family throws a party, your friends come and bring presents, you do the whole cake thing.  Then you have your cool birthdays like 16, when you get a car.. 18- hey guys, I can vote! 21.. I can legally drink (too bad I was getting into bars at 16!)  Now that I'm not a kid anymore, I don't seem to care that much for birthdays.  A couple of years ago they seemed cool-- go out to the bars, get shitfaced and have a hangover the next day.  This year I really just wanted to be around people that I care about.  Seeing how my best friend (whose birthday is two days after mine and turns the big THREE ZERO this year) is in a new relationship and is going to New Orleans for her birthday as well as works 12 hour over nights) was busy and the other bestie is still in the hospital with her new little baby boy.. my thoughts for a small gathering were not going to happen.  Of course, the Mister and I both had work but I would get to share *my* day with him (that's a given).  I guess at 32 I have grown up a lot and my goals and desires have changed-- best friends and family are more important, making memories and belly laughs surrounded by the person that gives me butterflies and all too often makes me want to strangle him, and getting up and going to work so that we can keep on keepin' on.  Wow-- those were some deep thoughts, huh?

Anyway-- so this is how it went down.  The busiest part of my job was over on Monday and with this Firm, they take off on Tuesday.. I decided that I would take advantage of the beautiful Florida weather and our Condo's pool (which they need to clean!) so I invited two lovely friends over to join me.  Ana and Sam are Mother and Daughter, Puerto Rican, and from Brooklyn.. need I say more?  They are a trip!  We enjoyed some frozen beverages, cursed a lot, got bitched at about smoking cigs near the pool and threatened with a $100 fine (even though there are ashtrays 10 ft by the tables near the pool and we were putting our cig butts in water bottles and we were the only people at the pool), and this Irish gal got burnt!  *note-- this Irish gal can tan, don't worry!*
Even 32 year old sometimes rock "duck lips"!

I awoke on my Birthday (too damned early) and got a lovely surprise at work-- Mega Wench was sick and couldn't come in..  Ahh, no huffing and puffing and bitching/moaning. It was like a birthday present-- JUST FOR ME!  I guess I couldn't have asked for a better day because other than my nose running all day and being dehydrated from the sunburn, work was uber slow and basically just required me to file.  I can handle that.
This year I did get a major surprise though.. I got flowers from my sister (her husband and my niece and nephew included).  COLOR ME FREAKING SHOCKED!!  I have posted numerous times on facebook and not to anyone in general really, that I love flowers and would love to get them.  I'm not a rose person at all.. in fact, I'm very simple-- hell, I like hand picked weeds! My sister and I are not close, we are polar opposites and I swear we are only close because of the children.. she totally touched me because she must pay attention to what I'm saying and care about the little things I say when I don't expect anyone to listen or care--- I like to rant and just say things because I'm bored..  It was such a nice thought and I've taken a million pictures-- even though I don't need them because the message she sent will stick with me forever!
Pretty, huh?
I got home from work and made leftover Meatloaf & Velveeta cheese Crescent Rolls Ups (yum!) while me and the Mister shared and few beers and watched Duck Dynasty and a few others shows that I flipped back and forth between-- like American Idol-- I can't stand Nicki Minaj thinking she's been in the Industry long enough to know JACK SHIT about anything.  It wasn't anything special but it was all I needed. This weekend we are planning to go to the beach by ourselves, no cell phones, just a picnic, and some music.  It should be fun!  And now to conquer this year!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

It's that salty tear again..

Ugh.. there it is, that salty tear again!  As I type this, one of my best friends and her fiance are about to welcome their healthy son into this world.  What a true blessing it is, the greatest gift one can possibly have.  I wish I had my gift, my greatest blessing.  I'm writing this blog green with jealousy.  My sweet son Miller was born still 8 years ago and it still feels like yesterday.  I still taste those salty, wet tears that poured down my face.. feeling the horrid pains and hearing the desperate cries I screamed.  I hate feeling this way.  I should be elated with happiness for my friends-- and I am.  But I'm also so hurt because I want this to be me.  I'm in a great relationship and will be married all too soon; we haven't been doing anything to prevent getting pregnant and have no luck-- what if I never get to have another child?  Never get to look into it's eyes and hear it cry?  Have a room full of people around me, counting the pushes? Have people stalking my facebook page for updates as the hours pass, knowing that it's getting closer and closer?
I feel so desperate-- so lost-- so hurt-- and so selfish.  I should be rejoicing at this miracle of life and blessing of the love shared between my two friends and all I can think is, why not me?

Thursday, April 4, 2013

You can't shoe a horse fly..

I was super excited to get home last night.. not only because it was a long day at work but because my Mister brought me home some awesome new rugs.  After sweeping the floors and laying them out, I sat down to "take in" the new-ness!
What did I see?? I will show you!
What you are looking at Folks is part of the wall, directly beside the window.  How I have not seen it and pitched a fit about it before now.. I will never know. Maybe, JUST MAYBE this is how the flies are getting in the house.  If they want to die in the window (between the screen and glass-- go for it.. it's about to be super hot in sunny Florida so I don't need to open my window-- but stay the hell outta my house for crying out loud.
So, until we can speak to the Landlord-- the Mister did a fancy repair job with caulk.
The true test will be to see if we have anymore "friends" inside over the next couple of days.  Oh and for the living flies in the window-- he filled a water bottle full of bleach and gave them a nice bath.  He's so kind :)

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

I don't like mysteries, or flies!

Something's Gotta Give! For almost two weeks now, I've been harassed in my own home.. by horse flies!  My home is not dirty, nor do we don't live like pigs.. in fact, I'm rather OCD about our living quarters.  We live in an old, downtown hotel that has been converted into condos (four stories)- just for reference. 
Anyway- First there were five flies that I killed in our home.. then I trapped four of them in the window between the glass and the screen-- and since then they seem to gather there, only there is no way (that we can see) for them to get in that space.  These monsters are so big that they are slow (easy to kill).  Last night I looked in the window and there were at least 15 of them, dead.. between the glass and screen.  Where they are coming from is a mystery.  Well, I don't like mysteries and I don't like flies.  They are disgustingly dirty and they make me itch.  I have a friend that has owned one of the condos on the third floor for a handful of years now and our conversation went a little something like this:
What in the hell am I to do?  

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The good, bad, ugly, & silly.

This is my blog.. where I can share my thoughts and feelings-- the good, the bad, the ugly,  the silly, and the indecent.  I have this constant dialogue with myself and it's time that I put it into words and share it with others.. because I do have a soft side, not always so rough around the edges and feisty.  This is a place to be me.  
For a little background, I turn 32 this month.. when I think about that, it's just crazy to me.  I still feel like a young, wild child in so many ways-- but I'm a "GROWN UP" (or I'm supposed to be)! Soon I will be celebrating my one year anniversary with the man I plan on spending the rest of my life with and eventually moving to Alaska to possibly start a family and see who can give each other the most gray hairs.  Until then, I'm getting my feet wet in the sandy beaches of Florida and trying to figure out what I'm gonna do with the cards I've been dealt.